When I first see Tailwindcss, a utility-first CSS framework, I had similar ideas with most of the developers had.

Why would i use tailwind, If I can do it in my s/css folder as well? Html classes kill the readability and grow inevitably if you have complex user interface designs.

Alright, you are right. However, as Adam Wathan says — the man behind the tailwind — “you’re never going to believe me until you actually try it”.

After reading this on the official tailwind website, I gave it shot and surprisingly find it easy and handy and want to share…

In my last story, I tried to come up with an easy solution to front-end developers who doesn’t want to spend backend effort for authentication & authorization of their web application. You are welcomed to check it out, if interested in.

This time with a full-stack project, an offline messaging application, I will try learn and share my experience with a medium series. The motivation behind this series will be to learn a backend framework and sharing my perspective of learning backend framework as a frontend developer. I hope it will give some insight for frontend developers want to learn…

Sign-up and Sign-in pages might be painful sometimes if you have limited time.

MongoDB Realm

MongoDB Realm, aka Stitch, is a cool and rapid way to get your single page application secure and it makes it easy to create applications with less effort. You may not spend that much time on the backend of your application with Realm. To give it a try, get your free MongoDB account and create your first free cluster with amazing capabilities.

Berk Akgün

Frontend Developer

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